Vicious Dogs Attack A Helpless 97-Year-Old Woman But A Very Unlikely Hero Steps In

Sophie, 97, was in her yard, surrounded by dogs that were already starting to attack. Then a hero comes along.

Injuries to a person by animals is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Animals respond to instincts, and those instincts are sometimes difficult to read. If you are a person that has not trained his dogs, then you should really consider being more responsible.

Training your dog is part of showing you care. We need to start by becoming informed beforehand of the characteristics of the animal. This will help you make sure that no problems will be caused in the future by that lack of knowledge.

Dogs have always been around us. Many people do not see them only as pets. For them, they are also part of their family. Many dog-parents just get overconfident about their dog’s behavior. They somehow believe that because their dog behaves in a certain way in their home, that is the way the dog will always behave. Dogs can be predictable to a certain degree in the owner’s settings, but not outside.

Sophie Thomas, a 97-year-old woman, found that out. She was in her garden on a typical day picking dandelions. One of her neighbors owns four Pitbulls. The owner has always said that her dogs don’t pose a threat to anybody and are very sweet. The neighbor’s son leaves the window of their home open one day. This is when Sophie’s day takes a turn for the worse.

The dogs saw the open window and rush out. They somehow find their way to Sophie’s garden. Sophie has always been a calm person. This has helped her enjoy a long, happy life. She gets along very well with all her neighbors. She has no way of predicting the amount of trouble that is heading her way.

Nothing had really happened until that day. The dogs get to Sophie’s garden very quickly. Sophie is surprised to see them there. The dogs suddenly start seeing Sophie as prey. The dogs start circling around a terrified Sophie. When she sees this, she petrified.

‘What do you do in these cases,’ she asks herself. One of the dogs suddenly lunges at her and bites her arm. She manages to hit the dog in the head. This makes the dog back off. Then a second dog lunges at her. She knows at this point that she doesn’t do something about it, she might end up as a statistic. She feels helpless with four dogs stalking her – If there only was someone who could help. Suddenly, a very unlikely hero steps in. Check out this story in the video below.

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Vicious Dogs Attack A Helpless 97-Year-Old Woman But A Very Unlikely Hero Steps In