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Watch This Adorable Baby Quail Hatch In His Keeper’s Hands

The little squeaks are just too cute for words. Hello little guy. Welcome to the world.

Youtuber Imaginative Guy is hatching quail eggs from an incubator he made out of a recycled water bottle. Now that the eggs are about to hatch, watch as one of the adorable little chicks breaks open its egg right on his keeper’s palm. The little fluffy thing is so cute when it dries out.

Quail are little flightless birds that live in the forests of a number of countries. In the area where I grew up, quail were often found in the deserts, scuttling across the road with their little combs bobbing adorably above their heads. These quail are living in South Korea though, and are being hatched from an incubator their keeper made from a recycled water bottle.

When its time for the chick to meet the great big world, he cracks a line all around his egg and then pushes determinedly against the opening with his beak. His keeper is careful to let him do the work himself so he can stay strong, but eventually, he breaks through, hatching right into Imaginative Guy’s soft, comfy hand.

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Watch This Adorable Baby Quail Hatch In His Keeper’s Hands