Watch What The Pooch Does When She Rubs Her Belly… Too Funny!

Everyone knows that dogs love a good belly rub more than almost anything in the world, and some of them don’t mind showing just how much they want them. They say that one can’t always get what one wants, but if your name is Jinxy, the Pomeranian, you can’t give up without trying.

This adorable video gives us a little glimpse of Jinxy, a fluffy and adorable Pomeranian pup who had just gotten back from a nice grooming session when this video was recorded. She’s a really pampered dog, and as you see in the clip, not only does she comfortably get in bed with mom, but she’s also coy enough to demand belly rubs immediately!

Her proud doggy parent gives her what she wants, for a minute. But this momentarily patting is not enough to quench Jinxy’s thirst for belly rubs, and she makes it as obvious as she can every time that mommy stops. She has the most hilarious reaction when mommy stops rubbing her belly, and you can almost feel how much she wants it just from her expression.

Watch the whole show that Jinxy put on just for some belly rubs, in the funny clip we put just below.

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