Watch Sea World Workers Bottle Feed Adorable Baby Manatees

That grunt gets me every time. He’s so grumpy, but then they give him is food and he’s like “Oh breakfast? I like breakfast.”

Marine keepers at Sea World in Florida have the best job ever. Just watch as they get to feed the baby manatees, their rolly polly bodies bobbing in the water. This little guy grunts in the cutest way, and then when the bottle is presented, he can’t wait, gulping down the milk with gusto.

Sea World in Florida is home to several breeding pairs of Florida Manatees. The babies they care for are adorable rolly pollies, and they love their milk, Just watch as the marine keepers tug them to the edge of the pool, roll them over, and give them a bottle of milk.

Manatees are distant relatives of elephants. Like elephants, they carry their babies for about 12 months before giving birth. The social bond between mother and calf is incredibly strong, and the babies will stay with their mother for up to 3 years before moving on to find their own mate. Cool fact: When manatees swim they create oval-shaped ripples referred to as “footprints.”

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Watch Sea World Workers Bottle Feed Adorable Baby Manatees