Woman captures fairytale moment

Moral of the story: keep your camera close by always.

The way these birds eat right out of her hand is amazing to watch. They are so careful about picking up seeds.

If you’ve ever longed to have birds eat right out of your hand like a princess, this is the channel for you. Jocelyn Anderson Photography is a YouTube photography channel full of exciting slow-motion looks at wild birds.

The photographer stands perfectly still, allowing all manner of while birds to come carefully pick seeds out of her hand. She is still enough for long enough that they land, take their prize, and take off again – all without her making a move.

Here, we see several different types of birds land and claim their seeds. Among them are the black-capped chickadee, white-breasted nuthatch, and tufted titmouse. Each bird lands effortlessly in this snowy backdrop.

It takes a lot of patience to stand perfectly still and allow these birds to pass by. While chickadees, in particular, are easy to attract, the other types of birds are a little rarer.

The up-close, intimate look at these birds, their plumage, and the way they carefully select tasty morsels is breathtaking. Jocelyn Anderson has many other videos detailing her encounters with different wild birds.

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Woman captures fairytale moment