Woman drives 2,600 miles to rescue ‘too ugly’ Husky with crooked smile

Harvey’s smile brightens up the world! So glad he found a home. 🏡😃

On the majestic tapestry of nature, it’s the out-of-the-ordinary that adds an element of surprise. And so it was with Harvey, a husky like no other, whose twisted grin was more than a visual trait, it was his badge of resilience. His tale, intertwined with love, determination, and the longest road trip you could imagine, reminds us of an old yet often forgotten truth – beauty is more than skin deep. So, buckle up, folks, because we’re about to embark on a journey that stretches over 2,600 miles and ends with an exclusive video that you won’t want to miss!

Harvey’s journey began in the hustle and bustle of the San Diego Department of Animal Services. Sherry Lankston, a lady whose heart is as warm as a summer’s day, spotted his unique smile from miles away. However, Harvey wasn’t the star attraction at the shelter – quite the opposite. His crooked smile, the very trait that endeared him to Sherry, had led him to be unfairly branded as ‘ugly.’ A label that had kept him away from a loving family for far too long.

But Sherry had eyes only for Harvey. Sensing an ideal playmate for her River, a dog that simply thrived in the presence of companions, she decided to correct this gross misjudgment. Packing up her family, she charted a course from Seattle to California, all to rescue this one husky whose smile had melted her heart.

The long journey ended with the warmest of welcomes for Harvey. The Lankston’s brood of four cats, a fellow dog, and even a snail were ready to welcome Harvey into their loving embrace. They acknowledged him as one of their own, displaying an understanding of beauty that transcended their species and looks.

Many might think driving cross-country for a single dog is overboard, but Sherry knew each mile was a testament to their love for Harvey. Today, his infectious energy and unique smile fill the Lankston household with boundless joy. His story is a powerful symbol of acceptance and love that perseveres.

An Animal Rescue Society reporter captured the inspiring journey on video, from Sherry and her family’s decision to rescue Harvey to their triumphant return with their newest family member. It’s a must-watch tale of determination, love, and the joy of embracing differences.

As the curtain falls on Harvey’s tale, we invite you to join in his journey. Don’t miss out on the chance to watch the video that captures the spirit of Harvey’s incredible journey. His triumph against superficial judgment is a beacon for us all, shining bright, proclaiming that it’s our inner beauty that truly defines us.

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Woman drives 2,600 miles to rescue \'too ugly\' Husky with crooked smile