Woman finds adorable puppy stranded on the beach

That is one very lucky pup. So glad that woman found her.

When most people stroll along the beach, they search for shells, sand dollars or smooth rocks. This lucky woman hit the jackpot when she found an adorable six-week-old puppy along the shore.

Sam and her ex-partner were traveling and had decided to stay in Sri Lanka for a few months. “She was a tiny peanut,” said Sam. “She was sitting on a sun chair by herself.”

Sam’s ex insisted that they keep the pup, but Sam was unsure at first. She had never taken care of a dog before. But it did not take long before the puppy, who they named Sandy, swept her off her feet.

Sam and her ex decided they would foster Sandy, but Sam knew she could not say bye to her new fur baby. “I could not let her go,” said Sam. “She was just literally the cutest thing.”

When it was time to leave Sri Lanka, they took Sandy on their flight to Kosovo. Sandy ended up being a perfect traveling companion. “I was just like, ‘OK, I guess she’s a traveler dog now,’” said Sam.

After Kosovo, Sandy became a permanent co-traveler with Sam. The adventurous pup went to Albania, Serbia and Mexico. No matter where they went, Sam made sure Sandy had the chance to visit her favorite place: the beach.

Sam could not have been more proud of her sweet dog. “She’s just such a joy, and I honestly just can’t imagine being without her,” said Sam. “She’s always been by my side. She’s the best.”

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Woman finds adorable puppy stranded on the beach