Woman rescues wild stallion and his entire family

That compassionate woman is a real heroine.

When the wild stallion, Blue Zeus, and his family were corralled by a helicopter, he and his family had little chance of escape. They ran as fast as possible, but eventually, they were captured and sent off to different homes.

Blue Zeus, who had spent his whole life running free in the fields, ended up trapped in a pen with several other horses. But the worst of all, his captors had separated him and his family.

Fortunately, Blue Zeus had a friend he had never even met. His friend’s name was Clare, a woman committed to keeping wild horses free. She had seen Blue Zeus before the helicopter came, and seeing them separated had broken her heart.

The day Clare saw the helicopter take Blue Zeus and his family away, she promised herself that she would see all of them reunited and running free in the wild again.

But first, she would need to find out where the helicopter had taken Zeus. She sent a barrage of emails and phone calls, and finally, she located her lost friend and brought him to live in her sanctuary, where he could roam without the fear of losing his freedom again.

Clare still had a lot of work to do if she would reunite the horse’s family. After two months of searching, Clare found all of Blue Zeus’s family and brought them to live at the sanctuary with the wild stallion.

The moment Blue Zeus saw his family, he ran to greet them. “Look at him go, high trotting, family running after him,” said Clare. Thanks to Clare, Blue Zeus and his family would always be free and together.

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Woman rescues wild stallion and his entire family