Youtuber Relaxes on Floor With Elusive Pet Owl

I see someone got their letter from Hogwarts.

People all over the world enjoy opening up their homes to a variety of different animals. While some folks may prefer an adorable golden retriever or a cuddly cat, this man can’t get enough of his pet owl.

Showcased on the popular Youtube channel, Gen3 Owl, a man is lounging on his living room floor with his friendly buddy sitting on his stomach. This isn’t something you see every day, and neither is the other content he uploads.

Set to calm jazz music, we’re able to get an up-close and personal look at a stunning owl. The darting yellow eyes and beautiful feathers are something out of a storybook. The gentle nocturnal creature enjoys getting head scratches from his owner.

There’s even a moment where we witness the elusive bird trying to groom his human friend’s hand. This shows his owner that the owl trusts him and wants to treat him like one of his own. Who knew having a pet owl would be so adorable?

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Youtuber Relaxes on Floor With Elusive Pet Owl