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Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes Best Friends With Duck

I love their unique friendship.

We’ve seen it before dogs can become friends with just about any person or animal in the world. There are so many love stories about a canine befriending an unlikely creature. This one is all about an inseparable bond between a golden retriever and a duck.

Barclay is a friendly golden retriever who loves to spend time outdoors playing with his best friend, Rudy. The four-year-old Pekin duck knows that friendship knows no bounds and loves spending hours on end with Barclay.

Pan Ishiguro owns both animals at her home in Orange County, California. Their friendship actually started in rivalry when Barclay attempted to see from the duck’s flock. Rudy wasn’t having it and stood her ground.

Since then, the two put their disagreements behind them and are practically inseparable. Rudy climbs on her canine friend’s back, while Barclay drinks the duck’s bathwater. These cute critters are the unlikely duo we never knew we needed.

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Adorable Golden Retriever Becomes Best Friends With Duck