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Adorable otters become friends with a wild crow

Apparently Kotaro and Hana are not only popular and famous among us humans.

At Kotaro and Hana’s home, the parents of the otters always kept their little ones entertained with pools and toys to play with. But the latest form of enrichment came from a new guest at their home.

The first time Kotaro and Hana’s “guest” arrived at their home, the two otters were enjoying a refreshing swim in their outdoor pool. When Hana rose from the water, she saw a crow sitting on their deck.

Crows are notoriously intelligent and curious creatures. When the crow saw the tiny otter watching him, he cocked his head in confusion. This was probably the first time this crow had ever seen an otter.

When Kotaro moved closer to the new friend, the bird flew away. For the next few days, Kotaro kept an eye out for the crow, but it would be a week before they saw him again.

When the crow returned to Kotaro and Hana’s deck, the two otters were napping on their towel beside the back deck. When the crow showed up, Kotaro dived into the water and swam to the edge of his pool to get another look at him.

But the crow was still wary of the playful otters. He flew away and did not return for a few days. When the weather warmed up, the crow started making journeys every day to visit his otter friends.

“We were wary of the crow at first,” said one of the parents of the two otters. “But he seems to mean no harm.” Watch this adorable friendship develop between these two very different species.

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Adorable otters become friends with a wild crow