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Adorable piglets love cuddling with Great Dane

Hodor is the definition of a gentle giant.

When the Great Dane, Hodor, arrived at Wild Things Sanctuary, he was overwhelmed by his new sense of freedom. But it did not take long for him to fit into his new home.

One of the first animals Hodor showed an interest in was the mini-cows. Hodor walked up to the fence and started kissing the bull through the wire fence. From that day forward, Hodor found it easy to make friends.

Whether goats, horses or mules, Hodor never struggled to ingratiate himself to the animals. “Ever since then, he’s been wonderful with [every animal he’s met],” said his mom, Adri Rachelle.

Adri was most surprised by how Hodor responded to a brood of piglets. The mother of the little ones had abandoned the baby pigs, so Adri decided to bring them to the sanctuary.

Great Danes have a tendency to bloat, so after his meal, Hodor needed to have quiet time in his crate. When Adri went to check on him, she found all three piglets lying on top of him.

“I mean, he looked kind of as surprised as I was,” said Adri. “So, he just kind of looked at me. ‘What do I do here, mom? Is this okay?’” On the other hand, the piglets were as content as they could be.

Hodor was so helpful with all the babies that Adri decided to adopt another Great Dane named Duncan. Now, Adri had another friend to play with that was a gentle giant just like him.

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Adorable piglets love cuddling with Great Dane