Adorable Red Fox Laughs Hysterically While Being Pet

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Animal rescues are some of the greatest things to happen to this world. They save animals from a variety of harmful situations. A fox rescue volunteer was able to catch a comical video of one of the foxes cackling as she gave him some love.

Foxes are a lot like dogs, especially Finnegan from the Save A Fox Rescue located in central Minnesota. Mikayla Raines works with the foxes there and previously had a video of one of the rescues stealing her phone go viral.

These sly creatures love to have fun like any other animal. Finnigan and Mikayla are walking around outside when he runs up to her, just like a canine would. He then walks over to the gate, gesturing that he wanted to run around in the other field.

Raines calls Finnegan over and starts to give him chin rubs. The adorable fox is smiling from ear to ear as he gets scratched. She then gives him a few belly and back rubs as well, and Finnegan can’t keep his composure as he bursts out in laughter.

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Adorable Red Fox Laughs Hysterically While Being Pet