Baby bear would rather make snowballs than hunt seals

So cute! I think my heart just melted.

Most people know that polar bears are powerful and dangerous predators. But even the most vicious animals start out as adorable babies. This polar bear cub was a prime example of this dichotomy.

On the frozen tundra, polar bears and seals are locked in a constant dance of predator and prey. Polar bears cannot swim as fast as seals, but on land, the four-legged predators are a force to be reckoned with.

Rather than swimming after the seals, polar bears wait near holes in the ice. When the seals poke their heads out of the water to get air, the predators strike.

A mama polar bear brought her two cubs out onto the ice to teach them the patience they required. One of the fluffy little ones was focused, but her brother was distracted.

Rather than joining his mom and brother by one of the ice holes, the baby polar bear decided to make snowballs. Twenty minutes was a long time to wait for a cub.

Fortunately, the bears did not have to wait long for the mama seal and her pup to poke their heads out of the water. The two marine creatures swam toward the surface, not knowing what waited above.

The baby bear was busy playing with one of his snowballs when the seal pup rose from the water. The bear cub was so shocked that he tumbled backward, letting out a surprised growl. Looks like these two seals chose the right hole this time!

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Baby bear would rather make snowballs than hunt seals