Cat of 20 years-old won the heart of the family.

Check out this beautiful cat, his family still wonders how they could live without him!

Cats are magnificent animals, with playful and curious spirits they are always a great company especially if you don’t have anyone to share at home. Another side of these fabulous creatures is that they always chase away small intruders such as rats and mouses, keeping a cleaner area for the family.

Statistics show that a domestic cat has a lifespan more extended compared to the ones that lives on the streets, this is the result of a good nutrition, vaccines and an above of all a loving care environment. They can live around 10 or 18 years and in some other cases even more. The equivalence in human years would be 4 to 1 depending on the age of the cat.

A cat of 2 years is equivalent to a 21 years old human and after that, every year in the account would reflect 4 years. Following the same order of ideas a 4 years old cat would mean 29 years. But as with the wine, sometimes the passed time just improves their personality, giving them more appealing and showing how wonderful they can really be. Such is the case of Dexter, a 20 years old cat that lived in the local animal shelter.

One day a family wanted to adopt a little kitten as a personal pet for their kids. When the family arrived at the shelter and after seeing all the other animals they came up with a decision. The logical choice would be to select a young animal in order to enjoy all the stages of his life and share with the family for a long, long time. But instead of that, they picked one of the oldest cats there named Dexter.

Dexter was a beautiful black and white cat, that despite his current advanced age he managed to gently convince them to take him home. How wonderful the mind of a child is. They never make a decision based on what his eyes can see, they always pick with the heart.

They never imagined how this simple decision would change their lives forever. Dexter turns out to be the cutest little thing, full of love and especially with the children. He became their favorite friend very fast, like he had been there for years. He even got along with the family dog, so every minute spent with him was a real bless.

After a while, nature took its course and unfortunately Dexter peacefully passed away. It’s funny how someone can become an essential part of your life, even if is not a person.

The family shared a touching video of their precious moments with him and expressed: “We will never forget the love and happiness he gave in his very short time with our family. Rest in peace, Dexter.” This is something to remember.

If you want to watch the amazing compilation of Dexter’s life just click on the video below and prepare for this heart-melting moment.