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Charming Rescue Piglet Plays With Dogs at Dog Park

OMG, just got my daily dose of cuteness.

Unlikely friendships can happen at the strangest times. For example, an adorable rescue pig finds solace with her two pit bull friends. The three love to have fun running around together anytime that they can.

After her depressed mother left her, Punk, the piglet, found a new home with a loving human in Sydney, Australia. Her new owner was already the mom to two big pit bulls, Pikelet and Patty Cakes.

Pit bulls are a dog breed that has a ton of misconceptions about them that couldn’t be further from the truth. These loving canines enjoy going to the park with their porky friend as often as they’re able.

Dressed in an adorable pink shirt, Punk sounds like she’s trying to bark as she runs around with her friends. The pups are gentle, patient, and kind to the little piggy. We can’t get enough of this uncommon trio.

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Charming Rescue Piglet Plays With Dogs at Dog Park