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Compassionate team rescues deaf senior dog living by the freeway

When he closed his eyes and leaned into Eldad, I was a goner.

When Eldad and JoAnn from Hope for Paws found the abandoned dog, he was living by the freeway. For seven months, the construction workers had fed the dog, but the little one needed a home.

Eldad and JoAnn searched for the pup on foot and found him resting beside a pile of wood. The senior dog was deaf, so Eldad got close and looped a collar around his neck.

Once they knew the dog would not run away, they offered him tasty burgers to win his trust. That was how JoAnn realized the elderly dog was missing several of his teeth.

The rescuers looped another collar around him for safety and stayed with him to help him relax. When he was ready, Eldad and JoAnn guided the stray dog into the crate that would take him to the shelter.

Back at the shelter, they named the dog Mr. Rogers and gave him a bath and a health check-up. He had an ear infection, but otherwise, Mr. Rogers was healthy thanks to the construction workers who kept him fed.

When he received a clean bill of health, Mr. Rogers made his way to a loving foster home. Once he was at his temporary home, Mr. Rogers received all the attention and care he deserved.

A few weeks after his rescue, JoAnn visited Mr. Rogers at his foster home, and he was a completely different dog. He could hear again, and he could not have been happier. See this rescue dog’s heartwarming transformation for yourself!

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Compassionate team rescues deaf senior dog living by the freeway