Curious Cat Has Peculiar Reaction to Wood Floors

The superstition from a black cat makes this even funnier.

There are several perks to owning a friendly feline. They make great cuddlers, can help ease anxiety, and don’t take nearly as much work as other animals. In fact, cats are the second most popular pet in the world.

One owner noticed her lovable kitty doing something interesting between the kitchen doorway and the dining room. Accurately named “Leapfrog,” the cat would always avoid touching the floor as if it were haunted.

If you’ve ever played the classic game, “The Floor Is Lava,” it looks as if Leapfrog is in an intense round that always involves the same spot. To test their theory, the owner began building small towers to see just how far the cat would jump.

Whether it’s a hula hoop, a stack of toilet paper, or a giant Halloween witch statue, Leapfrog never fails to go flying right over that part of the floor. He’s giving the term “scaredy cat” a new meaning, and it couldn’t be more adorable.

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Curious Cat Has Peculiar Reaction to Wood Floors