Deaf senior dog turns into a happy puppy after being rescued

Witnessing this kind of selfless love in action feels like a privilege.

Eldad and JoAnn Wiltz of Hope For Paws rescued a deaf senior dog, Mr. Rogers, who had been living by the freeway for seven months. They received a text from a security guard that worked at the location.

After arriving, the guard told Eldad and Wiltz where the dog usually hides. Eldad spotted the dog sleeping soundly among some discarded leaves and branches. They moved closer quietly and cautiously.

Vibrations from the freeway masked the rescuers’ approach, and Eldad moved his snare close to the dog’s face. Eldad wanted to tickle Rogers’ nose so he would lift his head.

Mr. Rogers did lift his head, and Eldad managed to put the snare around him. Wiltz quickly gave him food and noticed that Rogers had no teeth.

They didn’t know how Rogers got there, and Eldad was sad that Rogers had been living there for several months. Then Wiltz crawled through the crate to lead Rogers inside.

After thanking the guard for his help, Eldad and Wiltz took Rogers for a bath and a checkup. He had an ear infection and could hear after it was cleared.

Mr. Rogers was brought to a foster home, and Wiltz visited him weeks later. The senior dog had transformed into a jolly puppy, and Wiltz played with him in the backyard.

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Deaf senior dog turns into a happy puppy after being rescued