Exotic animals vet examines cute skunk

I want to see him foraging for food.

Tucker is an 11-month-old skunk, and here he receives a complete checkup – and a tasty carrot.

A cute little skunk is taken to the exotic animal veterinary clinic in this charming video that explores the lives of exotic animal pet owners.

Tucker the skunk requires regular checkups just like any other domesticated animal, and this sweet eleven-month-old does well – even when he receives his vaccine shots.

He loves to explore the doctor’s office and eat carrots, although the veterinarian points out that perhaps he has been enjoying his food a bit too much.

Tucker shows signs of being overweight, so the doctor recommends different strategies that will keep Tucker healthy and strong for years to come.

It will also provide him with stimulus, like foraging for his food before he eats it. Overall, it is an informative and engaging visit for Tucker and his owner.

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Exotic animals vet examines cute skunk