Flirty Grey Parrot Offers Phone Number, “Call Me Later”

I can’t get over how much he sounds like a person.

Parrots are beautiful creatures that are often linked to Pirates, thanks to epic tales like Peter Pan. They’re known for being able to mimic their owner and have a talent for speaking in English reasonably clear.

Some pet owners will teach their special bird fun phrases, friends and family names, or even more colorful words. It’s outstanding to have a full conversation with these incredible birds, but one parrot owner caught their winged-friend doing something unique.

Einstein is a beloved internet sensation better known by the name “Einstein the Talking Texan parrot.” One day when his human friend was recording, he started spewing off random numbers.

While we don’t know what he meant by his numerical code speech, we’re hoping it’s not the winning lottery numbers from last week. This little cutie continues to melt hearts all over the world no matter what he’s saying.

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Flirty Grey Parrot Offers Phone Number, “Call Me Later”