This German Shepherd Is a Great Listener

The way he tilts his head to listen is adorable.

The bond between a man and his dog is something special. No other relationship seems to compare when these two creatures share a deep friendship.

Buddy, the German Shepherd, is an excellent example of how unique this bond can be. He is a fantastic listener, and when his human dad talks, you can tell Buddy understands every word.

Buddy’s dad talks to him all throughout the day. The dog will tilt his head constantly throughout the conversation to indicate that he is listening intently.

When his dad tells Buddy if he doesn’t whine that they will go to Dairy Queen after their errands, the dog barks with excitement, showing he knows an ice cream treat will soon be in store for him.

In addition to being a great conversational listener, Buddy is also a great listener when following the rules. His dad throws the ball far away, and Buddy always fetches them, but when his dad throws a ball across the street, Buddy won’t go after it. Crossing the street is against the rules.

Buddy and his dad visit grandma when she isn’t feeling well. Buddy lavishes his grandma with quiet snuggles and barks enthusiastically when asked, “Do you love me?”

As soon as he brought Buddy home, dad knew that the two were connected. His dad tells everyone, “The more you love a dog, the more he’ll respond to you.” Buddy indeed responds well to his dad.

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This German Shepherd Is a Great Listener