Gorilla tenderly nurtures newborn in human-like fashion

This was a breach birth, lucky mum that her baby came out alive. I love it how tenderly she looks after her baby and also the father.

Come forth and lend an ear to the tale of an old world denizen, resplendent in her ebony hide, noble and queenly in stature, with hands so similar to our own they inspire a sense of kinship. This is Calaya, a western lowland gorilla of noble bearing and maternal warmth, who presides over her kingdom in the Smithsonian National Zoo, located in the heart of Washington, DC. Her story is as old as time, yet it has the power to captivate us anew, particularly in a spellbinding piece of film awaiting your viewing at the end of our discourse.

The ties that bind our species to the venerable gorilla are profound. We share 98% of our genetic material, but the similarities don’t end in the realm of helixes and nucleotides. When it comes to motherhood, Calaya could give us humans a run for our money. Hers is a tale of unending love, provision, and protection, played out on the grand stage of the animal kingdom.

This riveting saga was captured and shared with the world by an eagle-eyed Animal Rescue Society reporter. This journalist, ever watchful, managed to capture the moment of Calaya’s young prince’s entry into the world. Thus, he gifted us a film, that to date, has enchanted over 14 million spectators.

The film reveals the wondrous narrative of Calaya’s primal, tender moments with her first-born son. Unaided, she brings him into the world, and like any dedicated mother, immediately tends to his needs. She cleans him, cradles him, and showers him with kisses that convey a universe of love. The ways she holds him, the manner in which she feeds him, all bespeak an ethereal bond between mother and child. The strength she exudes, the care she embodies, mirrors the actions of mothers across the spectrum of life.

Yet, the film is not merely a celebration of motherhood. It is also a proclamation that reverberates across the wilderness: a rallying call to respect and admire all creatures that roam this blue marble of ours. In our shared love for our offspring, we find a unifying theme that transcends species boundaries, that renders us all inhabitants of the same plane.

As our tale draws to a close, let us take you back to Calaya and her newborn son. There, beneath the shade of trees, echoes of the most profound form of love reverberate. We beseech you to partake in this beautiful display of maternal care, to marvel at the depth of emotion mirrored in the eyes of a mother gorilla. Remember, the bond between a mother and her child knows no bounds, no species.

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Gorilla tenderly nurtures newborn in human-like fashion