Hospice Assists 79-Year-Old’s Heartfelt Adieu to Cherished Mare

Such a tender farewell, brimming with emotions.

Life’s final curtain often descends without warning, without fanfare, leaving unfulfilled dreams lost in the twilight. Yet, for one woman facing this indomitable end, her last wish fluttered into existence, whispering a poignant hymn of life, love, and unbroken bonds. The staging ground for this compelling tale wasn’t the marble halls of antiquity nor the glittering streets of metropolises. Instead, a simple video captures this heartrending event, etching its delicate dance into the annals of digital memory.

The protagonist of this epic narrative was no youthful heroine but Karina Courtmanche, a 79-year-old woman from Bethany, Connecticut. As life’s setting sun began to cast long shadows, Karina harbored a singular wish – to behold her cherished horse, Bella, one final time. Nestled in hospice care, life’s hourglass draining steadily, Karina was adrift in the turbulent sea of time, reaching out to the comforting shores of Bella’s companionship.

Bella, not a mere equine to Karina but a confidante of thirty years, a testament to the woman’s spirit and will, had been with her since foal hood. The mare, now in the autumn of her own life, still held the vibrant echoes of their shared past. Through the gentle whispers of time, Bella and Karina had cultivated an unshakable bond, the symphony of their shared existence far outstripping the mere parlance of pet and owner.

The task of granting Karina’s final desire was pleasing. Her frail condition meant she could not simply be whisked away to Bella’s haven, Bittersweet Farm. Yet, in this twilight hour, the human spirit shone brightest. Spearheaded by Michelle Walker, RN Case Manager for Connecticut Hospice, a compassionate collective was rallied, determined to turn the impossible into the inevitable.

They orchestrated an intricately planned ambulance ride, ensuring the assurance of immediate medical care, and shadowed every step if the need arose. The moment of their reunion, culminating in ceaseless efforts and patient prayers, was an orchestra of emotions. It was a scene simultaneously draped in heartache and joy.

Against the melancholic backdrop of imminent separation, Bella and Karina had their moment in the sun, the horse accepting loving strokes and carrots from her human friend. To watch Karina feed her companion was to witness the distilled essence of a love forged over decades, a love that refused to bow down to the relentless march of time.

As the symphony of their story gradually ebbs, Bella’s future remains secure. The horse will continue to receive care at Bittersweet Farm even when Karina, her human companion of three decades, journeys beyond the veil.

The video capturing Karina’s visit to Bella is a luminous testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a monument to the love that endures even in the face of inevitable parting. After witnessing this spectacle of love and resilience, one cannot help but feel a swell of emotion in the depths of the heart.

Share the video and pin it to your digital memory board because, in our temporary existence, such rare moments of enduring love and courage remind us of our shared human spirit. This bond between Karina and Bella, this radiant beam of love against the night of impending loss, lights a path for us all in the shared journey we call life.

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Hospice Assists 79-Year-Old\'s Heartfelt Adieu to Cherished Mare