Their Huge Horse Walks Up To An Inflatable Pool, But What He Does At :50 Had Me In STITCHES!

Summer has already come, and that means that certain fixtures and things have already taken their rightful place in the family yard. Maybe you have kids or grandkids that can use the inflatable pool; a barbecue could be of very good use now that the 4th of July is coming, and if there’s a pool big enough, maybe some sunbathing chairs to complete the scene. All these changes to the environment make it impossible for pets not to join in the fun!

The video below shows a particular type of animal having fun in the sun on summertime, and it’s not who you’d expect. It’s actually a horse playing on a kiddie pool! A horse owned by a family got his eyes on the inflatable pool that the parents had set up on the yard, and he grew too curious not to inspect it right away!

The name of the horse is Duke, and you can hear as his parents call to him. He completely ignores them and carries on with his goal of refreshing himself in the nice little pool. His family’s reaction to his mishaps is as funny as the horse himself, and they all make for a delightful and family friendly summer scene.

Watch this hilarious horse splashing about on a pool, in the video featured just below!

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