A Jules Verne Novel Comes To Life In Up-Close Footage

“We are on the verge of destroying our ocean before we even know what’s in it”.

In a scene that brings “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” to life, an ocean researcher captured a gigantic, graceful giant squid beneath half a mile beneath the waters.

An ocean explorer’s undersea craft was completely overwhelmed by the sheer size of a giant squid. The depth of the dive took the explorers into pitch-black waters where the massive creature with a single tentacle larger than the vehicle itself was found.

The giant squid is located all around the globe but genetic studies suggest that there’s only a single species that grow this large, and breeds everywhere. Architeuthis duxis, or giant squid, or an anomaly.

Their incredible cephalopods are capable of regenerating their tentacles, and the females are bigger than the males. Jules Verne may have created a timeless depiction of giant squids, but his tale tells of four to five thousand pound giant squids where in truth, most reach about a ton.

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A Jules Verne Novel Comes To Life In Up-Close Footage