Mother hare raises and protects her baby leveret from harm

The life of animals is so majestic and challenging.

Mother hare and baby leveret

Two leverets, baby hares, slept soundly as they waited for their mother to return. The mother hare set up the nest in the woods near a man’s garden.

During the day, the mother hare leaves her babies so she can go foraging. She only visits them once a night to feed them. She mustn’t lead any predators to the nest.

Before she leaves her babies, the mother hare does her best to clean them and cover them up to avoid detection. The next day there are predators nearby. A stoat, a badger, or an owl could swipe one of the leverets.

When the mother hare returns to the nest, she finds one of her babies is missing. She spends the night searching for him, and he is nowhere to be found.

The remaining leveret grows big and strong. He even starts to roam around the woods during the day. Feeling brave, he explores the wide world, but it is full of dangers.

A stoat spots the leveret on a stroll, and they get into a scrap. They twist and tumble, and the mother hare comes to scare away the stoat.

Once night fell, an owl spotted the leveret and went to grab him. The mother hare stepped in again to save her baby. They survived another day together.

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Mother hare raises and protects her baby leveret from harm