Newborn orangutan found in a cardboard box displays remarkable transformation

We have the power to make a positive difference for orangutans and their ecosystems.

Picture a baby orangutan named Gito. A tiny bundle of fur, abandoned and nearly lifeless inside a cardboard box under the merciless sun. His hair was almost all gone, his body, resembling a mummified relic. That was Gito, the primary character of our narrative and a testament to resilience and the healing power of kindness. And there’s an incredible video that chronicles his story, which will undoubtedly leave you in awe.

In the sweltering heat of 2015, the heroes of our tale from International Animal Rescue spotted Gito, looking more like an ancient artifact than a vibrant life. Gito’s life had been a rough ride from the get-go. His mother, tragically shot by poachers, orphaned him. He was sold off for a meager $30, ending up in the confines of that fatal box. His situation was dire, but his rescuers held onto hope, whisking him away to immediate veterinary care.

It was a slow and painstaking journey from the brink of death to a vigorous existence for Gito. The efforts of his rescuers, filled with unwavering determination and a heart full of love, brought about a miraculous change. Gito started regrowing his vibrant orange hair, his skin got healthier, and the sparkle in his eyes returned. His love for fruit snacks grew, but more importantly, he found a place where love could find him.

Now, Gito shares his home in a lush green sanctuary with fellow orphaned orangutans, preparing for their journey back to the wild. Here’s where our Animal Rescue Society reporter steps in, who sourced the video that showcases this triumphant tale. It is a gripping visual account of Gito’s journey, highlighting the heartwarming work done by the International Animal Rescue.

However, Gito’s narrative is far from unique. Countless creatures face similar ordeals due to our insatiable appetite for palm oil, leading to rampant deforestation. The tireless work of organizations like the International Animal Rescue provide a glimmer of hope for these innocent victims, breathing life back into their existence.

We now circle back to the star of our story, Gito. His remarkable transformation, documented in the video, serves as a testament to the power of compassion, care, and resilience. The video paints a thousand words, each a stroke of hope and a celebration of life. Tune in and witness Gito’s astounding journey from being a mummified relic to a thriving, vivacious orangutan.

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Newborn orangutan found in a cardboard box displays remarkable transformation