Pickle The Mini-Pig Is The Sweetest Of The Bunch When Blowing Bubbles In The Bath

Because sometimes you need to see a blissful little piglet blowing bubbles underwater.

Each species of animals react differently to water. Some love it so much that they could practically live in it if they wanted to while others abhor the sight of it, and even the thought of possibly bathing it in it makes them have a near-panic attack and make it QUITE difficult for their mommy or daddy to wash them up. The creature that we see in this video is most definitely a member of the first camp, not the second.

There’s a mini pig named Pickle, and he’s having a blast in a bathtub. I don’t know if his mommy put him in there for entertainment or for a bath, but this is one animal that’s not afraid to get himself wet. Then again, he’s a member of a species that likes to roll around in the mud to stay cool, so liquids are not something that bothers him terribly. The best thing about this is the way that he entertains himself.

Pickle is in a tub that’s maybe half-full. He’s sticking his snout underwater and blowing bubbles. He surfaces at a couple of points and seems to be looking around like, “Look what I’m doing!” It doesn’t take much to make a pig happy, it seems.

This seems to make bathtime pass by a lot faster. Surely, you remember when you were a child, there were times when you’d be sitting in a tub and the urge to blow bubbles in the water. It can’t have just been me, can it? Ahem, OK. Moving along. Pickle is having a blast in the water. Whatever amuses this little porker can’t be all bad, can it?

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Pickle The Mini-Pig Is The Sweetest Of The Bunch When Blowing Bubbles In The Bath