Pit Bull Waits On The Porch By Herself. But When You See Why, You’ll Be In SHOCK!

There are people out there who believe that pit bulls are a dangerous and ruthless breed of dogs who shouldn’t exist. We know that in truth, there are no truly bad dogs, only bad owners who don’t treat them as they deserve. And we have a video today that will prove that pit bulls can be some of the kindest and most warm-hearted dogs ever.

Every now and then, we come across a video that shows pit bulls who don’t follow this mean stigma that has stuck for too long, and this one is no exception. It might just be the most touching of them all. ‘Pitties’ can be very loving and sweet, and when time calls for it, even heroic. The one in this video is one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen!

Nala is the name of the adorable dog in the video below. She has a human brother, Russel, whom she loves very deeply. They’ve developed a very tight and adorable relationship, and Nala gets very sad when the boy has to leave for school every day. So whenever she hears the school bus coming in the afternoon, she rushes to it to welcome her dear friend.

You can watch this adorable dog and boy friendship in the video right below.

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