Playful Pittie pup becomes the perfect older foster brother

These two dogs are so precious together.

Adjusting to having a new family member is not easy for most people. But Alyssa’s Pit Bull, Maya, accepted her new younger sibling, Mack, like a pro, even when Mack did not make it easy.

“He definitely came in like a wrecking ball,” said Alyssa. At first, Maya, who had never had a puppy in the house, was uncertain what to think of her new baby brother.

But within a day, Maya accepted the playful pup as part of her family. Alyssa had been thinking about fostering Mack, but when she saw how well the dogs got along, she knew she could not separate the two Pitties.

“[Mack] took to her like a mother dog,” said Alyssa. Wherever Maya went, Mack made sure he was right behind. Maya thrived having a new friend to watch over and take care of.

When Mack was a year old, Alyssa and her partner felt ready to bring more foster dogs into their home. She was unsure how Mack would react to having a little one around.

Fortunately, the playful Pitbull had the perfect example to look up to. “Mack followed Maya’s cues,” said Alyssa. “Now he gets to experience the things that Maya experienced when he was a puppy.”

“It’s just been fun to watch him become this big lovebug,” said Alyssa. But to his mom and Maya, he will always be a puppy. “When the puppies are crawling on him, it just makes me laugh because he still does that to Maya.”

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Playful Pittie pup becomes the perfect older foster brother