Rescued baby chameleon is sooo sweeepy

Amazing little baby.

This baby veiled chameleon is the cutest and most talented hatchling you’ll see today.

The little tongue flick that this baby veiled chameleon gives as he yawns is so adorable. This tired baby looks like he wants to go back to sleep, but he has to prove himself first.

With a little puff, he starts changing his patterns. Stripes appear on his legs and throat, while spots and dots erupt all over the rest of his body. That’s an impressive talent for someone who hatched yesterday.

It seems that this baby chameleon tried to escape his enclosure the day before. He’s already leaps and bounds ahead of his siblings even right after hatching! Usually, chameleons take a little longer to develop this skill.

But this little guy is out to prove he can do it. The stripes and spots that appear on his green scales are beautiful and varied. He doesn’t quite have control over it yet, but he’s doing a great job.

Hopefully, this baby will get to go back to sleep now that he’s changed his colors. He’s so cute when he yawns as he’s waking up.

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Rescued baby chameleon is sooo sweeepy