Super intelligent bulldog is a skateboarding prodigy

His little outfit is so cute.

The way this little guy knows exactly where to steer his skateboard is so impressive. And he’s cute, too!

With a high-energy dance track playing in the background, this pup is ready to go anywhere! His stylish tiger sweatshirt keeps him warm as he hops on his skateboard, navigating a winding sidewalk on what looks like a college campus.

We don’t know this little guy’s name, but we know one thing: he’s too adorable. When the skateboard starts to slow down, he hops off and runs beside it, giving it a little push to keep going.

In case you don’t know, this is my PE teacher😝 from funny

He steers and swerves around people walking down the path, taking special care to avoid the curb and other obstacles. Our favorite moment is when he navigates effortlessly around a scooter just as his skateboard is going to collide with it!

The dance track in the background makes this skateboarding montage. Between the music, the cutest little skateboarder, and his impeccable sense of style, we’re hooked.

This dog belongs to the original poster’s PE teacher. The title they chose to use has prompted some to jokingly comment about how impressive it is that this dog is a skateboarder and a PE teacher.

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Super intelligent bulldog is a skateboarding prodigy