Timo The Cat Attempts To Befriend Koi Fish

AW what a gorgeous kitty ????

This curious kitty is in for the shock of his life when he wanders down to the local pond. And what better way to investigate these waterlogged creatures than to get up close and personal?

Imagine Timo the fluffed up feline’s surprise when he found that giant koi fish had taken over his local watering hole. As flashes of gold and orange drift past his watchful eye, this Netherlands-based kitty seems to be at a loss for words.

Finally, he musters up the courage to sidle a little closer, even going so far as to reach out a timid paw to the most brawny of the bunch. But, as the beefed-up carp goes in for a shake, Timo can hardly stand the suspense and jumps back at the last second.

Maybe he’ll have better luck next time at befriending these majestic sea critters. But for now, Timo seems content to just ogle over all the pretty colors.

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Timo The Cat Attempts To Befriend Koi Fish